I Have came to a close.

2014-08-31 08:56:30 by RayS10

Thanks for listening. i decided to stop doing my music. it ends here. until then you can listen to all you want.


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2014-08-31 10:22:31

Oh no! What's made you come to that decision?

RayS10 responds:

I'm just retiring for now. but ill probably come back.


2014-08-31 12:43:37

that's unfortunate. hope to see you back soon!

RayS10 responds:

I'll still be around. but ill probably come back.


2014-08-31 13:04:21

Aw. That's unfortunate.


2014-08-31 13:08:33

NOOOOOOOO. You are talented, for sure. All of your tracks have been an absolute joy to listen to. Don't give up now..

RayS10 responds:

I'm just not doing music for a while but i'll probably come back. sorry.