Still here.

2014-10-30 04:40:08 by RayS10

Just not for music here as the rest is still continuing elsewhere. for now lets just consider NG my greatest Hits.

New Signature!

2014-09-26 01:53:17 by RayS10

Check it out on my forum posts....

Back to normal

2014-09-10 11:21:11 by RayS10

Things are back to normal now. so you may see more music....maybe.

Im Not feeling well.

2014-09-10 02:34:31 by RayS10

i've been feeling kinda off lately so i wont be doing anything right now. sorry guys.

Saturated Bass Problem

2014-09-08 22:07:07 by RayS10

Im Afraid i can't do anymore until i fix this crap. also complaints arent accepted. im sorry they dont do justice. you will have to deal with it folks. if you hear it thats your problem not mine.

Sorry about that.

2014-09-04 12:05:27 by RayS10

I Apologise about what i did earlier, i just didn't feel like doing music for a while. i still can do more for you guys and i hope you understand. 

I Have came to a close.

2014-08-31 08:56:30 by RayS10

Thanks for listening. i decided to stop doing my music. it ends here. until then you can listen to all you want.

More Exclusive Music!

2014-08-19 06:17:18 by RayS10

Im pretty much in a Safe state for now since i've released tons of tracks and possibly better than ever.

Music Coming Soon.

2014-03-17 06:38:36 by RayS10

Im Expanding to newgrounds Perhaps this Spring or Summer. so you can check it out here.